Custom WordPress Plugin Development

So you need a custom WordPress Plugin developed?  If you are a serious business looking for serious results, consider contacting me to develop your plugin.  As of this writing (July 2009) I have written over twenty (20) custom WordPress plugins for clients (and even a few for my own use) with glowing references available on request. My list of WordPress Plugins descriptions can be found at here.

In addition to understanding the WordPress API in depth I During my experience developing these plugins I learned best practices for custom WordPress plugin development and the ins-and-outs of the WordPress API. And unlike most WordPress professional I’m an advanced PHP developer, an expert SQL developer, and an intermediate-to-advanced jQuery/AJAX developer with a strong understand of REST-based web services and API integration. Hiring me can bring my experience and expertise to your projects.

So if you need custom WordPress Plugins developed, contact me so we can get started.

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