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The Original Solid State MP3 Player; Diamond Multimedia's Rio 300
The Original Solid State MP3 Player
Diamond Multimedia’s Rio 300

Why is this page for Running Songs here?

I purchased the first MP3 player the Rio 300 thinking I could finally listen only to great music for running when I jog. I thought I would no longer have through commercials and switch channels to find a song that would put me in the “zone.” I’m not a “natural” runner, so I need all the help I can get to keep me from stopping before I reach my goal for a given run.

Was the Rio the perfect Running Companion (for me?)

Bzzzt; Wrong answer! It had very little capacity, which meant I had to have “perfect” running songs loaded, but I can’t know if one is good for running until after I try running to it. That combined with the time it took to rip songs to disk and then load songs onto the player made me give up and put it in a drawer.

Maybe we’ll try capacity…

The Original 6Gb Hard-disk MP3 Player; Creative Technology's NOMAD Jukebox
The Original 6Gb Hard-disk MP3 Player;
Creative Technology’s NOMAD Jukebox

Next came Creative Technology’s NOMAD Jukebox. With its 6Gb hard disk, stores over 100 CD’s worth of music (more than my whole collection.) The idea was I could load all my music on it and then while I was running I could figure out what songs were good for running.

After getting it though, I realized it was probably too heavy, and prone to shock-induced failure from the pounding it would get while running with it. Also, three days after it arrived, I tried to install the new firmware and it croaked. Bigtime! It was back to for a replacement, but I don’t think I’ll use it for jogging anytime soon.

The Original Ulta-portable Solid-State MP3 Player; Nike's psa[play 120
The Original Ulta-portable Solid-State MP3 Player
Nike’s psa[play 120

Well, let’s try something else

So, on November 24th, 2000 (biggest shopping day of the year) I purchased the Nike psa[play 120 and decided to create this mini web site. The psa[play 120 has twice the capacity of the Rio 200 (not much to speak about, but better than nuttin’) and I hope to generate a list of the best songs for running by getting everyone that reads to nominate and/or vote for their favorite running songs.

What next?

The Original 1Gb Microdrive from IBM
The Original 1Gb Microdrive from IBM

I’m hoping some company like Diamond Multimedia or Creative Technology will decide to create a mini jukebox that can be used for running, both from size & weight and shock-resiliency perspectives. My thoughts are the perfect digital audio player for running would sell for about $300, be able to store about 10 CDs worth of music using (probably) a 1Gb IBM Microdrive, and be no larger than the current solid-state players like the Rio 300 or the Nike psa[play 120. If anybody that builds these things is listening, I’d be happy to beta test if for you! :-)

And Then?

As I’m sure you know, the story explodes from here on out, but I got tired of documenting it… ‘-)

Do you know of some Great Songs for Running?

If a lot of people add their favorite running songs to the list then, collectively, we just may end up with a great list of songs for running. Thanks in advance for your support!

Nominate or Vote for your favorite songs for jogging/running!

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