WordPress Plugins

Here is a list of plugins I’ve written for WordPress (as of June 30, 2009) either for client projects or for use on my own website(s) such as PM-Sherpa.com

  • Enhanced Custom Fields
  • Admin Console Tool for Ordering Articles per Category 
  • Image Cropping plugin for manual image cropping
  • RSS Feed Processor to Generate Posts from RSS
  • Plugin to let admins to add Descriptions for Tags
  • Plugin to Install a Plugin given its WordPress.org/extend/plugins URL
  • Custom URLs (allows for any URL to route to any content)
  • Limelight CDN Integration Plugin
  • Video & Photo Gallery using custom Flash player & SlideShowPro viewer 
  • AJAXy Event Calendar Add-on to EC3 
  • 5 Star Rating System plugin (that works w/o all the complexity of existing plugins)
  • Video Channels Plugin (allows admin to associate an uploaded video with a named "Channel")
  • "Messaging" Module Plugin (allows content to be managed like advertisements)
  • NASCAR.com Stats Download Integration Plugin
  • Video Shortcode Embed Plugin
  • Category Accordian Widget Plugin
  • Links Import Plugin
  • Screenshot Generation Plugin integrating to SnapCasa.com

In addition to plugins I have implemented additions to themes which, though not technically plugins in the sense defined by WordPress but code that has the same functionality an equivalent plugin would have and thus could have been implemented as a plugin had the project required it:

I have yet to release any of these plugins/theme additions via GPL to the WordPress community but plan to do so for at least some of them as I soon as I have the time or as soon as client pays me to do so, whichever comes first.