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Windows 2003 Server Web Edition doesn’t support SQL Server?!?

I am setting up a new computer running VMware GSX Server (because the new free VMware Server is still in beta) for which I plan to use one of the virtual machines to run a few websites including a DotNetNuke website that stores its content in SQL Server. So I decided to install Windows 2003 Server Web Edition and then ran into a problem when trying to install SQL Server 2000 (I’m using 2000 for compatibility with some older sites I am planning to move to this VM; I’ll installed SQL Server 2005 for new sites in a different VM.) 

When I ran the SQL2K install app (written in Demoshield) and I clicked on "Install Database", nothing happened.  Then when I tried to run the install app directly [setupsql.exe], I got the following error message:

Windows cannot open this program since it has been disabled.

Of course I immediately assumed it was a VMware problems (not unreasonable since I’ve had one problem after another trying to get VMware to work, mostly because of incompatible hardware, but still), but then their tech support provided me the answer on our forum.  Microsoft decided not to allow SQL Server 2000 to run on Windows 2003 Server Web Edition?!?!?!   Worse, their error message was so cryptic I spent hours trying to track down the problem!!!!!!! (Googling didn’t help.)

HELLO MICROSOFT, don’t you understand that most serious websites use a database?!?!?  I’d say this is especially true for smaller sites that can’t afford seperate servers.  And why must you persist in causing developers and IT people to have to track down the meaning of cryptic errors?!?!?!

I just love it when the marketing department of a company cripples a product for it’s intended use in order to ensure they "maximize profit," and when the implementation people don’t provide reasonable error messages for problem areas.  Sheesh!  The former makes me want to consider using LAMP.