Monolithic Complexity vs. Lots of Little Layers

In my opinion, there two (2) approaches to software development methodologies and resultant architectures[1]. In the beginning: Monolithic Complexity Photo by JamesEverett I call the first approach: "Monolithic Complexity" which I characterize by the following: Grand Visions, Marketing defines Software Architecture, Significant Development Budgets, Attempt to Eliminate Constraints, Requirement to Accommodate Infinite Future Scope, Feature …’s URL Structure

For those of you interested in and their URL structure, useful for making bookmarklets, I documented’s URL structure over at another blog I maintain entitled Thoughts on  I also copied that documentation over to my wiki with plans to maintain in on an ongoing basis.    

About TiddlyWiki

I was listening to one of Scott Hansleman’s podcasts the other day,and in it he mentioned the open source TiddlyWiki so I decided to check it out.  For those of you not familiar with wikis yet, have you been living under a rock?  (Sorry, just kidding, you can read up on Wikis over at Wikipedia.) …