Help Expose URLs that Suck!

Over on the Well Designed URLs Initiative blog, which is my baby, I’ve started a call-to-action to get people to use delicious to tag: URLs that Suck! Check it out, and then be sure to tag any especially bad URLs with the tag “urls-that-suck” on delicious.

THE MOST AWESOME Print Dialog on the Web, EVER!

Some one sent me a link to this page about REST and when I went to print it, up popped THE MOST AWESOME Print Dialog I’ve EVER seen on the web! I so hope this guy starts a trend… P.S. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me to link directly to it, or I would.

Will Microsoft Meet Occupational Programmer’s Needs?

Contents Defining “Occupational Programmer“ Professionals need Industrial Strength Hobbyists need to Learn Occupational Programmers need Productivity Occupational Programmers need Discovery Occupational Programmers need to Experiment Occupational Programmers need Progressive Disclosure Occupational Programmers need their Skills Grown But Don’t Sandbox Occupational Programmers Focus on Languages and Frameworks, not GUI Tools Not Hard to Serve this HUGE …

Clarifying my Microsoft Developer Division Rant, Redux

I made two posts recently discussing Microsoft’s Developer Division. Although I had strong feelings about the issues, my thoughts were still too unclear to be succinct. But writing clarifies thought and I had already waited too long to post so a-posting I went. Reading the comments it became clear I had muddled several issues: How …