FCKEditor’s ShowBlocks Feature ROCKS!

FCKeditor ShowBlocks Feature

FCKeditor ShowBlocks Feature

The other day I wrote about how I was using Dean’s FCKeditor Plugin for Wordpress to solve the problems with WordPress’ default TinyMCE editor eating my hand-coded HTML tags.  Well Joe Banks left a great and detailed comment giving several tips including one about the ShowBlocks button. Unfortunately the default comment system in WordPress ate part of his comment so I couldn’t see what he was talking about and went exploring. 

Well it turns out he was right; ShowBlocks is awesome!  It shows the <p> tags, the <div> tags, and more. Check the screen shot above to see a larger version.

Joe Banks forgot to include his blog URL on his comment (or at least I think he forgot), but I was able to dig it up via a quick google.

Fixing WordPress’ Eating of HTML div Tags

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I should have known that not all would be rosy in my move to WordPress. It seems that core WordPress’ default implementation of TinyMCE consumes <div> tags in hand-coded HTML posts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That behavior has caused me no end of headache as I’ve tried porting the HTML pages from my old completely hand-coded website as WordPress has mangling those finely-coded masterpieces <sic> beyond all normal recognition.

A little googling and I uncovered lots of discontent on the topic along with a few hacks and a hackish plugin, none of which I really want to implement in given WordPress constant upgrade cycle. The suggestions to fix this in core were so well received that I was surprised that the topic does not appear to have been addressed by the core WordPress team.

However, I was finally able to stumble upon a plug-in called Dean’s FCKEditor For Wordpress that appears like may solve the problem by simply replacing TinyMCE with FCKEditor.  Don’t know if this is going to be my panacea or not, but after installing it the first thing I notice is how FCKEditor’s normal fonts are too small for my tastes (I guess I’m going to have to dive in and figure out how to change that.)

If Dean’s plugin does not ultimate solve that problem I ran across two other plugins worth considering. The heavyweight TextControl Plugin and the lightweight Disable wpautop Plugin. I’ll revisit this issue and those plugins in the future if the topic becomes obviously worth revisiting.