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How-To-Select a PDF Component for .NET

Yesterday I introduced the How-To-Select Guides on my blog.  Today I want to present our first published Guide entitled How-To-Select a PDF Component for .NET. You can download it by clicking on the cover below:

How-To-Select a PDF Component for .NET Cover Art

We’ve actually had our Guide covering PDF Components for .NET online for several months, but since I only just blogged about the Guides yesterday, I thought I’d announce our PDF Guide here today.  And if you are so inclined, please post any feedback you might have.


Introducing How-To-Select Guides

How-To-Select Guides Logo

Though I’ve been working on the How-To-Select Guides for many months now, I’ve never gotten around to blogging about them.  Well, it’s about time.

For years my company1 Xtras, Inc. via Xtras.Net (and previously VBxtras), the leading reseller of components and tools for C#, VB.NET and VB6, has helped .NET and VB6 developers find and buy components and tools. Unfortunately we’ve never done a great job of helping developers select the one best for their needs; the products were just too complicated and we couldn’t afford to staff the telephones with developers (besides, what developer wants to spend all day taking phone calls?) 

What I’ve envisioned since almost the day I founded Xtras in 1994 (then VBxtras) was providing indepth and unbiased information about products that developers could use to quickly learn which products best met their needs. The problem was, how to make it happen.  Well, earlier this year Mike Gunderloy and I discussed the concept, and he agreed to help me get them off the ground by writing the first one and managing the process of writing and/or editiing twelve more.

So now I am spending >90% or more of my time on growing a new company that publishes the How-To-Select Guides named Guides, Inc. My vision is to publish Guides for practically every category of component and/or tool available to .NET developers, and to have these Guides be:

  • Clear & Concise - Quick to read and easy to comprehend.
  • Accurate & Unbiased - Completely Defensible among leading experts with as little bias as humanly possible.
  • Exhaustive, Thorough, & Complete - Covering all options include commercial, shareware, freeware, open source, and even coding techniques; all decision points and aspects of potential concern; and including all currently available products in the category.

If we can achieve those goals, we will benefit everyone with the exception of those whose marketing is far better than their products. And our Guides should greatly cut the time required to learn about and research products. I’m very passionate about the Guides because I think they can do a tremendous amount of good, and because of that I decided that the Guide’s content should be freely available for download to all .NET developers who want to read them.

Take a look at our Guides for .NET Components and Tools, and let me know what you think.

1UPDATE: As of May 18th 2006 I am no longer involved with Xtras.Net.