How-To-Select a PDF Component for .NET

Yesterday I introduced the How-To-Select Guides on my blog.  Today I want to present our first published Guide entitled How-To-Select a PDF Component for .NET. You can download it by clicking on the cover below:

How-To-Select a PDF Component for .NET Cover Art

We’ve actually had our Guide covering PDF Components for .NET online for several months, but since I only just blogged about the Guides yesterday, I thought I’d announce our PDF Guide here today.  And if you are so inclined, please post any feedback you might have.


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  1. SautinSoft is glad to offer PDF Metamorphosis .Net – component to convert RTF to PDF with two lines of code.<br>
    Developers can use it with C#, VB.Net or ASP.Net

    P.S. Sorry for double posting.

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