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A little history about me. In March 1994 I launched Xtras, Inc. as VBxtras, Inc. VBxtras was a catalog/mail-order reseller of 3rd party components and tools for developers using Visual Basic versions 3.0 through 6.0. I later changed our brand’s name to "Xtras.Net" as an Internet reseller of 3rd party components and tools for .NET developers, especially VB.NET and C#. During the time I ran Xtras it was recognized in 1999 as #123 on the Inc 500 which is Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the USA. That is a recognition for which I am still very proud.

NOTE: I wrote this blog post because I want a URL I can reference in the future whenever I want to mention Xtras and provide some background about it but without constantly repeating myself! I may also update this post from time to time if I realize I need to add and/or clarify something about what I wrote.


#1 former customer on 01.24.15 at 8:36am

Advertised with xtras, he stole product domain name and tried to sell back to me.

Not a good person to do business with

#2 mikeschinkel on 01.28.15 at 11:13pm

What?!? What domain are you talking about. And when?!?

And if it did happen, are you sure it was ME, and not the people who took over after I left in May 2006?

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