On Monday July 5th, 2004 I blogged about a project on which I was working. That project was a Wiki based on FlexWiki located at, and it is now live and public on the Internet.

Click Purpose and Goals to read what I’m attempting to accomplish with  If you are cynical and believe I might have a hidden agenda (as some of my friends told me people might question why I launched the site), please read this.

As it is wiki, it is designed to be a community project. I am the catalyst for launching it, and I wrote some ground rules for participation, but if it is to succeed it will be because the community drives it, and it is succeeds, it will be the community that benefits.

If you think this is a worthwhile project please blog about it and/or suggest to three .NET Influencers you know they add to their resume on the site (and it doesn’t have to be complete; they can just start listing their activities and recognitions with a note that it will be completed later.) For example, here is the list of people I’ve added already but for which most I don’t have an influencer resume.

Anyone with a blog about .NET, please list it.

Also, I encourage not just the .NET Influencers themselves but also Magazine publishers, Book publishers, Conference promoters, Training companies, and other organizations whose business involves .NET Influencers to post their list of books and authors, magazine articles and authors, conferences and sessions, training courses and trainers, and more. This is a site whose purpose is to collect and collate information about the community, and it won’t succeed unless the community contributes.

Thanks in advance for your help to make a success.

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