How does one define a “Quality .NET Developer?”

I was having a brainstorming session the other day with a member of my staff and the following question came up “How does one define a ‘Quality .NET Developer‘?” After discussion we realized it was a lot like one of the US Supreme Court Justice’s definition of pornography; when asked he stammered and said “Well, I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it!

I’d like to put it out there for you to answer: How do you define a ‘Quality .NET Developer’? I’d give you what we came up with but that might be too leading, though I will give you some hints.

Assuming you needed one of the following:

  • A developer for a .NET project
  • A consultant to develop a .NET application
  • A software architect to design an architecture for a .NET project
  • A trainer to deliver a training course about .NET
  • An author to write a book about .NET
  • A blogger to pontificate about .NET
  • A mentor to teach you about .NET
  • A newgroup or forum participant to help others .NET developers
  • A technology evangelist to promote a tool for .NET developers
  • A standards committee member for selecting tools for developing in .NET
  • A user group leader to manage a .NET user group
  • The leading person in your own personal network of .NET developers

What traits would you most want in such a person?


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  1. >> I think some of these other categories are quite a ways from .NET skills. For a user group leader (I was one until recently) I’d want someone who could prioritize and delegate, for example

    Yeah, but what it that person were a total jerk?

    Put another way, let’s assume you wanted to organize a gathering of local developers to have your own geek dinners once per month to discuss .NET and all things related. Maybe three to seven people; the same each month. What qualities would you want those people to have?

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