Mea Culpa, Dell

Last Wednesday I blogged about how bigger companies, like Dell and Sony, do a poor job of providing a rapid response to online orders and customer concerns.  However, I was hasty in my blogging and need to (partially) apologize to Dell (but not Sony in this case.)

The computer arrived on Monday, one day after I needed it, but it turns out one day wasn’t a problem.

Sorry Dell.  Mea Cupla. You done good! :)

P.S. The reason I said "partially" apologize was Dell’s online order tracking system quoted the delivery date as if the computer had to first be built instead of recognizing it was a Dell Outlet purchase and hence was already built. Further, when I emailed to ask about it, they replied with another wrong date that was sooner, but still a long way off.  So the info they gave me about the delivery was wrong and needlessly caused concern, but the timing of the delivery was actually acceptable.

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