Trying to help them, and they snub you!

Via Scoble, Mike of blogs about Bloggers & Corporate Public Relations Departments.

Seems Mike’s site is a(n oddly naming) tribute site to NetFlix, yet when Mike asked to be on their press list they declined, and when he asked them to support an "Ask Netflix" column on his website they wouldn’t return his calls and were dismissive in their email replies.

Reminds me of a similar conversation I had with a local company about RSS, about which I then blogged. Our course Mike was probably more professional in his email than was I. :-)

The irony of this all type is Mike (and I) were really trying to benefit NetFlix (and TechLinks) by offering help and/or suggestions. But instead of at least treating the person offering help or suggestions with the courtesy most good companies would treat a customer, they respond dismissively at best, or with contempt at worst.

Is that any way to treat ones fans?

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