Unexpected Circumstances

Those of you who have paid any attention have noticed that it has been some time since my last post. Ahem. Saturday May 22nd around the time of my last post my left ankle started hurting. For no reason (except I rode my motorcycle that day, but I swear I didn’t do anything that hurt it.)

The next day I had trouble walking but I made my way to the airport destined for San Diego TechEd anyway.On Monday I had meetings all day, but by the end of the day I could barely walk. It took me literally an hour and a half to go from the meeting area by registration to my parked car (I just kept thinking: I don’t need a wheel chair!) Tuesday I couldn’t walk, and stayed in the hotel. The same was true for most of Wednesday, except I did make it out at the end of the day and to a CVC/CodeProject party.

Needless to say, TechEd was for me almost a complete waste! And no, I didn’t get any video footage, I just wasn’t up for it. :-(

Thursday morning I hobbled back to the airport for home, and then spent my Memorial day weekend housebound for lack of ability to move. Yeech. I guess I could have worked (or blogged) during that time, but the pain was just too annoying. Tuesday I was finally able to see my orthepedic, and learned I tore cartlidge in my ankle! Funny (sad?) thing is, the same happened to my knee two years ago, for no (discernable) reason! The only thing at the time I could figure was I had just turned 39. This time I guess it was I just turned 41. Jeesh.

So the last week after Memorial day was a blur as I tried to get caught up, and as I tried to prepare for going to .NET DevCon in Las Vegas, which I did Monday through Wednesday (I was only at the show on Tuesday, flying the other days.) NET DevCon was run parallel with a Lotus Notes and a WebSphere conference and wasn’t a well attended .NET show, but I had a long talk with John and Jeanie Banfield of Advisor after the show and there’s a chance based on their plans they can grow it into a really great show over time. (BTW, I’ve known John & Jeanie for over 15 years; back when I wrote for their now defunct Clipper Advisor magazine; and I think they are both really great people.)

Anyway, I’m finally back in town with no immediate travel plans meaning I can probably start blogging again, and my ankle is much better though I can tell it still is not completely well. The doc has me on meds, and I’ll see him in a month.

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  1. Just wondering if your pain was in your heel area along with some pain of the ankle. My daughter has been off her foot for some 20 days and her dr.’s a not sure what is wrong with her but her heel iskilling her. She is a cheerleader and just did a jump and all of for no reason her ankle started hurting her and now she can not walk on her foot at all and has a tremendous amount of pain in her heel.

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