Google’s Personalized Home Page Feature Request: Dynamically-generated Bookmarks

Ever since I first started browsing the web, I’ve wished for a home page that would keep track of where I surfed and then show me a list of dynamically-generated bookmarks that are in descending order of the ones I use most. For example, if I go to Google News a lot, should dynamically show up in my list. After all, why not use the fact I go to these sites a lot to help me get there more quickly?

Now that I’ve started using Google’s Personalized Home Page for each of my machine’s browser home page, I see a light at the end of the tunnel as they could (probably) easily implment this to enhance their list of static bookmarks.  Of course it would need a few other features, such as the ability for me to say "do not include this URL" in case I wanted to keep the fact away from my wife that I visit a lot (well, actually, I don’t and I’m not married; it was just an example. :)

It would also be nice to be able to "pin" certain URLs at the top, and then allow me to order those URLS. Better yet, let give me a link that allows me to transfer them to the list of static bookmarks, and then omit any URLs in my static bookmarks from my dynamically-generated list.

Lastly, as with static URLs, it would be nice if it would let me label my urls so that I could have "Google News" displayed in my dynamically generated list instead of ""

Anyway, here’s hoping someone working Google’s Personalized Home Page project sees this, and/or someone at Microsoft who might build a better service than Google’s in the near future via a combination of Internet Explorer & MSN (although given Microsoft’s recent history of beating Google with better solutions, I kind of doubt it that ltater will happen.)

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