The Hanselminutes Podcast: Very Shiny! Since I left Xtras several months back, I’ve finally had time to spend learning once again. I’ve focused my attentions in two primary areas:

  1. That which can be called Web 2.0 technologies (especially related to RSS and Mashups), and
  2. Things related to .NET development.

One of the true gems I’ve come across in the latter area has been Scott Hanselman’s blog, but even better has been his weekly podcast hosted by Carl Franklin entitled Hanselminutes which you can find at

I met Scott several years back early on in his blogging career at a .NET-related conference and thought he was a great guy but honestly had no idea how incredibly bright the guy is! Listening to his postcasts and reading through his blog I’ve been amazed at how prolific Scott has become on .NET and related subjects, and how he has been able to learn as much about so many technologies and use them all, it’s just amazing! What’s more, as someone who has focused most of his career on knowing the third-party development tools market I especially appreciate Scott’s deep knowledge of both commercial and open-source components and tools.

So if you are into .NET development and have not come across Scott’s Hanselminutes podcasts, it’s worth buying1 yourself an MP3 player even if you don’t have one just to be able to listen to them during your commute or other downtime. Check ’em out: Very Shiny2!

1I actually did finally break down and buy an MP3 player just so I could listen to Scott’s podcast. But I couldn’t manage to make it an iPod; too expensive, too "Apple", and iPods don’t play WMA files…
2If you don’t know the reference, you’ll just have to listen to Scott’s podcasts and/or read his blog to get it. :)

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