Wrox’s Professional Web 2.0 Programming

Wrox's Professional Web 2.0 Programming BookI’m excited as I just got my express delivery of Wrox’s Professional Web 2.0 Programming by Eric van der Vlist, Danny Ayers, Erik Bruchez, Joe Fawcett, and Alessandro Vernet.  I’m anxious to read it to learn their take on programming for Web 2.0. I first learned of the book when I noticed in my logs that their website http://web2.0thebook.org/ was linking to my Well Designed Urls are Beautiful blog post from last year. I then noticed they had a link to an excerpt from their book with the excerpt being titled: Future-Proofing Your URIs; clearly a topic that I am interested in. What’s more, cracking the book I find they additionally have an entire chapter on HTTP and URIs; excellent! I look forward to reading this and letting you know my impressions.


  1. I finally learned a clear distinction between URIs ("identifiers") and URLs ("locators"). Whereas a URI uniquely identifies a "resource", a URL not only identifies it but also lets you "de-reference" it (i.e. access it and/or download it.)

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