InstallPad – It coulda been a Contenda! (and still might be…)

I came across an interesting piece of software called InstallPad via SDTimes "News on Monday" email newsletter. InstallPad is designed to download and automatically install applications on Windows machines. Relatedly, ever since I first installed FireFox I was very impressed with what a great design they had implemented in their add-on updater. I believer that …’s URL Structure

For those of you interested in and their URL structure, useful for making bookmarklets, I documented’s URL structure over at another blog I maintain entitled Thoughts on  I also copied that documentation over to my wiki with plans to maintain in on an ongoing basis.    

Links and Discussion related (indirectly) to ISAPI Rewrite

I just found a blog post by Shirley E. Kaiser at her blog entitled Brainstorms & Raves containing an awesome collection of links and related discussion about Apache’s .htaccess. While admittedly I write mostly for an audience of developers that use Microsoft-technologies, many of the items discussed apply to Microsoft’s IIS if you use a 3rd party …