Inspired by Channel9

Back at the beginning of last month Microsoft launched Channel 9, and I was completely inspired by their video interviews.  Being a “database“ guy, I’ve never really gotten excited about things like graphics, imaging, charting, etc. and that included video.  That was until I saw Channel9 and thought “Wow, these videos are really cool!  We could do the similar interviews with our vendors talking about their products!

It actually reminded me of a DevDays several years back when a Microsoft exec whose name I can’t exactly remember (maybe it was David Vascovitz; does that sound familiar to anyone?) told a story about how his mother never understood his job nor did she appreciate computers one iota.  That was until he brought home his laptop containing digital pictures of his mother’s grandkids!  After that, she demanded he get her a computer!  You can see absolutely no value in something until one day — bam — you find out it can do something cool for you and then you want one!

So anyway, I scouted for a digital camcorder and selected a Sony DCR-TRV950 and took a trip down to the Visual Studio Connections conference in Orlando, FL last month.  While there I wasn’t able to film any of my vendors (only one was exhibiting, and I think I caught him off guard or he was too shy to get in front of the camera!), but I did get a chance to interview several other interesting people in some “practice“ runs.  I’m about to post one of them next, and when I have a chance to edit and produce a few more, I’ll post them as well.


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