Video Interview about the “My” Classes

As I just posted, I was inspired by Channel 9‘s video interviews so decided to get a digital camcorder to film interviews with our vendors about their products for posting on Xtras.Net.  However, when I get the opportunity I’ll interview anyone related to the .NET development and post those interviews on my blog.

Case in point, one of my first interviews was with Joe Binder, the program manager at Microsoft for the “My” classes in VB 2005 that I blogged about a few days ago. Anyone familar with Channel9 will note that I learned a lot from studying their HTML and Javascript! :)

Without further ado, here’s Joe (video is just short of 10 minutes long):

Well…..I thought I was going to be able to post it INLINE, but after many hours of trying, a combination of dasBlog and Javascript conspired to keep me from it.  Anytime I tried to post anything to dasBlog, it would strip required syntax from my JavaScript.  I tried updating the underlying XML files, but it wouldn’t recognize it (actually it did for a while, but then it stopped.)  The other problem was Javascript wasn’t recognizing a DIV tag as an offsetParent and hence the Javascript I so carefully scarfed failed!

Grrrrr!!!  Sometimes I really hate programming!

If anyone knows how to help me debug either the dasBlog problem or the Javascript issue, it will be *greatly* apreciated.

Anywho, rather than providing inline, there is a hyperlink to the video here.

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