Finally: Community Server Hosted Edition!

It’s about time! Teligent Systems is finally offering Community Server on a hosted basis! In my experience, trying to install Community Server a total of four times over the past so many years, and .Text before that, I must say it is the most infuriating and difficult to install application I’ve ever come across! The only time I was able to get it installed was the most recent time for an as-yet-unannounced new website, and it wasn’t easy; believe me!

Telligent also appears to have followed Google’s lead and are calling it a Beta even though it is a live hosted account.

Personally I can’t believe it should have been that hard to install, I just think Teligent did not put enough effort into their installer. And I believe that fact alone cost Telignent a huge opportunity in the market and significantly less marketshare than was possible otherwise. Although there are many aspects about CommunityServer that I don’t like, there are many more that I do especially its blog and forum integration. There are better forums and there are better blogs, but nothing integrates like CommunityServer, at least not of which I am currently aware even on Linux.

Pricing for the service feels a little steep, but maybe not depending on the revenue generated by the forum. Clearly it’s harder to cost justify for someone putting up a new community site than it is for a company using it to support and promote their products.  Here’s the pricing at the time of this writing:

Standard Plan

  • Unlimited members
  • 5 Blogs
  • 10 Forums
  • 500Mb of Files/Photos
  • 200Mb of SQL Space
  • 15Gb of transfers/mo

Plus Plan

  • Unlimited members
  • 15 Blogs
  • 25 Forums
  • 2 GB of Files/Photos
  • 650 MB of SQL Space
  • 50 GB of transfers/mo

Platinum Plan

  • Unlimited members
  • 50 Blogs
  • 75 Forums
  • 5 Gb of Files/Photos
  • 1 GB of SQL Space
  • 100 GB of transfers/mo

So if you run a business and don’t have a blog/forum to promote and support your products, check it out. Teligent finally made it easy.

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