Clarifying my Microsoft Developer Division Rant, Redux

I made two posts recently discussing Microsoft’s Developer Division. Although I had strong feelings about the issues, my thoughts were still too unclear to be succinct. But writing clarifies thought and I had already waited too long to post so a-posting I went.

Reading the comments it became clear I had muddled several issues:

  1. How Open-Source competition for languages and web frameworks are exploiting Microsoft’s obsolete process and release cycle
  2. How Microsoft is not addressing the needs of the “Occupational Programmer
  3. My own personal frustrations as an occupational programmer with Microsoft’s obsolete process and release cycle

Since few if any likely to care about my personal frustrations if they are not framed in broader need, I won’t belabor point #3 but I will address points #1 and #2 as seperate issues in my next posts.

UPDATE – (2007-Jan-01): Both of those posts are now live:

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